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Building with

WIDU updates the timeless appeal of wooden building blocks with magnet-powered connectability. WIDU blocks, cut from real beech wood, come in 13 different geometric shapes. Each block contains embedded magnetic connection points, visible as brightly-colored rings on block faces. With deliberate design and iterative development, these connection points have been placed to maximize the architectural potential of each shape as an element of the WIDU system.

Unique to WIDU blocks are the free-rotating magnets inside, which can always attach any connection point to another. WIDU builders will never face the disappointment of blocks repelling each other.


Building with

Different from any other magnetic tiles, JuniClick pieces form solid joints that can articulate complex spaces in all three dimensions.

Each beveled edge of a JuniClick tile has 3 flat faces, letting tiles connect flush at every 45° angle.

Use triangular tiles to incorporate curves and angled elements into complex structures including spherical shapes.

Larger sets include pieces to assemble wheeled bases of ferromagnetic steel. Use these to incorporate motion into your creations.

Building with

Interlocking magnetic bars and steel spheres make it fun and easy to experience points, lines, and curves, and how these form both two- and three-dimensional shapes.

Playing with Poles Every magnet has two ends which define its magnetic field: a north pole and a south pole. When two magnets are in proximity to each other, the opposite poles attract. If two ends repel each other, flip one of the bars around.

Steel spheres can be connected to either side of a bar. They don’t have their own magnetic fields.

Building with

Buggy kits combine the connective power of X-Bar with working wheels and vehicle frames. Motion, the transmission of force, and imaginative scenarios all come alive with each vehicle.

Utililizing magnetic bars and steel ball, a child can: assemble/disassemble various vehicles learn characteristics of magnet- repulsion and attraction have fun playing with various vehicle creations.

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