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 is an educational premium magnetic toy created to provide hours of endless fun while helping your child build a foundation in Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math (STEAM). ClickBlock accomplishes this by inspiring creativity, aiding in the development of spatial perception, and improving teamwork skills among children. 



Our X-Bar and Widu products provide your child with the freedom to create fantastic structures using basic geometric shapes. Through hours of imaginative play, children can build and construct anything they set their minds to. 

Spatial Perception

Building with ClickBlock has proven to help cognitive and mathematical development. Your child will learn how to use points, lines, curves, and blocks to create different shapes and structures.

Team Work

All sets within each brand are compatible with each other, which means that children can collaborate together to bring their ideas to life. This provides a great foundation in teamwork skills, which will be important in your child’s life.       

   prioritizes safety and ensures that all of our products are both safe and strong for your child to play with. 


All of our products meet or surpass the national safety requirments and standards. ClickBlock is made with polycarobnate, which is durable and shatter resistant. All of our metal balls exceed 3cm to avoid choking hazards. 

 Our WIDU blocks are designed so that each magnet is enclosed securely inside a polycarobnate container that has been seen securely sealed with ultrasonic welding and permanently embedded into the block with non-toxic glue. Here at ClickBlock, we want to make sure your child has a fun and safe experience, giving you peace of mind.  



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